Monday, July 6, 2009


Syd Barret died on this day in 2006. He was of course, the original guitarist in Pink Floyd. Barret suffered from mental illness and became a recluse after leaving the band... not by his own choice... in 1968. One of his best remembered songs was "See Emily Play", which was covered by David Bowie on his "Pin Ups" album. All About Eve also did a cover that was released in 2006 on their Compilation album. This is a tribute to Syd Barret by Pink Floyd. If you are a Floyd fan, you know "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" was written about and dedicated to Syd Barret.

If Pink Floyd is to your taste... enjoy!

* * * * *

This if you click on it and make it larger... you can see its a crow.

The Crow is a comic book series created by James O'Barr.

The Crow- Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

O'Barr wrote the crow after the death of his girlfriend as a way to deal with his loss.

It became a movie in 1994 starring Brandon

Lee (son of Bruce Lee) as Eric Draven. Eric

is awakened after being murdered along

with his fiancee by a crow... the go-between

for life and the spirit world who acts as

Eric's guide as he avenges their murders.

"One crow means sorrow, two crows mean joy, three crows a

wedding, four crows a boy, five crows mean silver, six crows mean

gold, seven crows a secret that's never been told."

So the old rhyme goes. Crows have long been a subject of superstition, as have ravens.

The word "crow" comes from the Latin word for raven "corvus".

Here you can find some...

Crow Legends (Folklore, Myths, and Traditional Indian Stories)

The most famous piece of literature concerning crows and ravens starring Vincent Price (whom one of my sons is named after... a true horror fan, I. ).

I went to the town to the left to pick up Max and a friend's
stranded grand daughter.

When I dropped off our rescued
charge, I was faced by five crows. Where's my silver?

Perhaps I lost it when I tried to run them down... wonder if
that's bad luck? I didn't actually hit one.

Why crows and spirit stuff today? No reason. It seemed like
an interesting subject to me after seeing those crows and
snapping the photo of the one on the light. Oh yeah... one crow means sorrow... sorrow that I don't have my silver! Crap.

I'm open to any comment... crows, ravens, birds in general...

Syd Barret or Pink Floyd. What you ate for breakfast...

;) Thanks for stopping in. (Lurkers welcome here.)

Today's author birthdays:

1931David Eddings, American fantasy author (d. 2009)

1907Robert A. Heinlein, American writer (d. 1988)


  1. Thanks. I hadn't listened to Pink Floyd in a long time.

    I had a crush on Vincent Price when I was younger. Is that weird or what? He didn't scare me and I really liked the fact that he was a gourmet cook.

    I see crows around here getting chased by mockingbirds all the time. You'd think the crow being much larger would just turn around & kick the mocker's bird ass. But alas they don't
    kicketh the mocker's butt... nevermore.

  2. cube-- You're welcome!

    Crush on Vincent Price! Like my Leon Russell crush, somethings simply are. He seemed like the nicest man.

    Nevermore! hahahahahahahah I liked that.

  3. Oooohhh...Pink Floyd! Boy, do I love them! Thanks so much for the Crazy Diamond. Isn't it beautiful?
    I've always liked that crows in a group are called a "murder of crows". I mean, come cool and creepy is that?
    And I really like Vincent Price...and the name Vincent.

  4. laura b-- I love anything Pink Floyd.

    I'd forgotten the "murder"! Glad you added it. It is wonderful and creepy.

    My kids are named in threes... Vincent Price, Vincent Van Gough and Vincent Barbados... the latter being one of StbX's good friends who was a very handsome and gallant man. The only exception to the rule of three is his first name, which has only one other person I'd met or heard of on earth with that name. It is the name of a shampoo, though. ;)

  5. Love the crows theme. Why are geniuses like Syd Barrett all crazy? So weird. I do love the album Wish You Were Here. It was one of my favorites in college.

    Crows are also territorial. God forbid, I run through one of "their" areas. They start dive-bombing me. It's a little daunting indeed.

  6. Churlita-- I guess it's the crazy that lets them step outside and be more creative than the average Joe. They also aren't so timid about expressing things. It is strange.

    That silly crow on the light is locked in perpetual battle with a bunch of tiny black birds. He harasses their nests and they gang up on him. I have tried to capture them on film, but they move too darned fast. It's amusing to see the tables turned on the crow for a change.

  7. laura b: A murder of crows... thanks for sharing that. It is a factoid that I will think of every time I see a crow. It is a bit creepy, but then, they are big black creepy birds. OMG, I didn't mean to be politically incorrect... big african-american creepy birds ;-)

  8. You named your kid Head and Shoulders? Hahaha!

    I like the chem trails you caught in your crow picture. I have a few I will share someday.

    And there is a good movie called Murder of Crows with Cuba Gooding Jr, I think. Have you seen it?

    Have a great day!

  9. crazy4coens-- Yeah I did... and he's a real flake! hahahahaha

    I'll look forward to the chem trails.

    I have not seen that movie, but will not. I'll start shaking my movie tree again. ;)

    And you have a good day Ms.crazy!

  10. If I were a crow I would complain to the Crow/Raven Anti-Defamation League about being given such a creepy name. What's next, a slaying of slugs? A carnage of cardinals? A butchery of bobcats? This must end.

  11. Cube-- I'm rather fond of "a congress of baboons, a sleuth of bears, sedge of bitterns (I've no idea what a bittern is), rabble of butterflies, a quiver of cobras, convocation of eagles", but I think my favorite is an "implausibility of gnus".

    That really does seem implausible.

    You might really appreciate a "shiver of sharks"!

    Fun With Words: Collective Nouns at
    (You find tons of these there.)

  12. cube-- Don't we have a "congress of baboons"? ;)

  13. I am always intrigued and come away more knowledgeable after I read your posts. I was never into Pink Floyd, but I did enjoy the bit about the crows. Pretty cool stuff. And I had oatmeal for breakfast which I think the crows might have enjoyed themselves.

  14. aaaahhh...Mr. Shife! Hello! (I like exclamation points a lot apparently !!!!)

    It pleases me no end that you enjoy yourself here and take something away. Glad you liked the crows.

    Smart man... oatmeal for breakfast. I love oatmeal, especially the long cooking kind. Add brown sugar and walnuts and I'm in heaven.

    I bet you're right about the crows liking it. They eat about anything.

  15. As a card carrying Pink Floyd fan, I am here to tell you, not only was "Shine On You Crazy Diamond" about Syd, but the Whole album, Wish You Were Here. A little FYI, EMI threatened them with a lawsuit if any member of the band sang "Have a Cigar," so they brought in Roy Harper to sing it for them.

    I am also a fan of The Raven. I enjoy The Simpsons take on it with James Earl Jones reciting it. Thanks for sharing with all of us.

  16. aliencg-- I knew you'd have some Pink Floyd information to add. Thanks! I did not know that about EMI. I only knew that Harper sang it.

    I liked the Simpson's version very much too... but forgot about it until you mentioned it.

  17. crazy4coens-- that was supposed to be 'I have not seen that movie, but will NOW." OOps.

  18. i grok, therefore i am.

    thou art god.

  19. billy-- May you never thirst!

    Water sharing rituals can be fun.

  20. secret agent woman-- I liked crows until they began killing my baby ducks... then they became evil.

  21. Holy Crap on a are a one stop shopping for all my loves!!! Music, poems and education.
    ~looks around~
    I will be back!
    Great stuff here!

  22. Superstar-- Welcome to Oodles of Funch... thanks for signing on to follow. The more the merry-o!

    I'm glad you find what you like here. I love to share stuff.

    Good... do come back! Nice people are here.

  23. Crows are so smart. Seems like all the black bird types are crafty. I get a bunch of boat-tailed grackles here, they are very fun and incredibly astute. I enjoy observing them and their little group interactions.

  24. Sebastien-- I like to watch them too. Squirrels are also a hoot to observe. Very bright creatures, both.

    I don't think I've ever seen a boat-tailed grackle. Now I have to look one up. Yay! Brain food. I'm always hungry. Thanks.