Monday, July 27, 2009


This is my I'm depressed and need something sad but hopeful song. Everyone should have one of those I think. I have a couple more of Neil's songs like this for you as well.

There has been a great deal of contention over the lyrics of this song and what they mean.

It has been covered by numerous artist, many of whom would not be expected to choose a song like this one. Such as Dolly Parton who asked Emmy Lou Harris what the lyrics meant. No one knew, so Dolly called Neil himself and asked he responded with :

"Hell, I don't know. I just wrote it. It just depends on what I was taking at the time. I guess every verse has something different I'd taken." hahaha... those drug people!

This one gives me perspective. Lots worse happens in the world than my petty woes.

Classic Neil Young song off of a classic Neil Young album.

This is not Neil Young. It's some drunk guy... but oddly enough, you can hear what he is singing better than any of the Neil Young videos. It's short. dmarks at Throwawayblog once said this song reminded him of Dumb Potter's home town. I do agree with that.

There is not much on Funch today. I've got the blues. Hence the songs for when you're depressed post. But I want to tell you why... then I'm going to take a few days off and be back on Friday with my Fable. So here we go...

I like men. I like way they think. I like the way they smell. I like the way they talk. I like their humor. I like that they think about the world and converse on a variety of subjects. They are comfortable giving opinions and comfortable hearing opinions different from their own.

As friends they are hard to beat. They tend to be loyal, engaged, warm and even somewhat protective. They can sympathize without getting mushy... and are darned good listeners. I have many male friends who are not linked to me romantically. I have always been friends with men in multiples. I feel safe with them.

So I joined this free trial thing on a social network for three days. You cancel out before it's up and you don't get charged. I tired it on a fluke. So I start chatting with people and this one guy is funny and we end up talking a lot.

It does not take me long to get attached to people. I consider all the people here at Oodles of Funch to be my friends and very family-like. I care about everyone here. I appreciate their support of me. So I'm getting to a place where I am starting to think of this person as a real friend too. He reminded me so much of someone else that I trust utterly and that made it easy to think of him as being trustworthy.

That's when he had this ridiculous "emergency" involving his mother, a dog and starving in Dubai. I am laughing out loud as I type this. In my head he has become the "Dumb Guy from Dubai". I am not stupid. Nor was I so into this person that I was willing to hand over my personal information or funds. No. I reported him.

I do laugh at this. It was so transparent when it came up that it was a parody of a plan to get money. It's funny how bad it was.

But the fact remains that someone betrayed my trust. I have one huge bug-a-boo... and that is betrayal. I require loyalty. I am aware that I am way too generous with my affections but that does not hamper my ability to see reality, it just makes what is real hurt.

What I need is a vacation. Since I can't toss my crap in a carry on and head off for Italy. I'll content myself to take a vacation in my new to me bedroom. Yes it is a rather small vaction spot, but cozy. There will be movies, lots of Vonnegut to choose from, Turtuledoves to finish (sadly), music files to peruse and dancing like a fool with no one watching. I plan a few field trips to walk daily and swing on the swing set at school. I can speak Italian if I wish and I don't need sun screen. I will also use the time to do something that I love very much... write. So be assured that Friday Fables will return as scheduled and Ananda Girl will return refreshed and smiling. I will also poke my nose into your blogs here and there.

Now here's a question for you all... What thing do you suggest that I do or take with me on my bedroom vacation?



  1. At a minimum you should take Neil, the man is a genius.

  2. Taking time away is always a good solution. Relax, get your bearings back and come back refreshed. Let's see, you have music, Vonnegut and your bedroom. You need food and drink, don't forget that, you need to keep your strength up.

    By the way, stop by and visit, you've missed a few days of posts.

  3. Take your Amex card....and buy a ticket to Thailand :)))

  4. mo.stoneskin-- You are so right!

  5. AlienCG-- I think I must be doing something wrong. I 've gone but only seen older posts. I will try again. I enjoy your blog very much and try not to miss any of it!

    I did forget about food and drink! That is so unusual for me! Thanks for the reminder.

  6. Braja-- If I had one of those magic cards... that is where I would be! All the photos I have seen of it are amazing. And I'd have you to show me around! Bonus!

  7. I have written six different things, OK, maybe more, but I have deleted each one. I guess I don't know what to say... I'll just speak my mind.

    Enjoy your break. Treat yourself to whatever makes you happy. And stay safe, blog buddy.

  8. cube-- Thank you. And you know, you can say anything you want here. Even tell me things you think I might not want to hear. I value your opinion and appreciate your honesty.

    Really this just pissed me off royally. Made me feel foolish. My ego got hurt. Its very big, my ego and a real spoiled brat.

    Thanks for your kind words. I am much safer than I have been in years actually. I'm going to stay that way.

  9. secret agent woman-- Ha! Well, yes... that would be divine! Unfortunately Dumb Potters Hell is limited. We have ah..ur...a different sort of system here. Lots of young men, not many young women, so they have very liberal age attitudes.

    The one here who is interested in me is half my age... younger than two of my children and frankly, I'd feel like I was molesting him he's so cute and young. I could probably get over that part sure enough, but he's also a binge alcoholic and I will not contribute to his self destruction. No other options, sadly. Heavy sigh.

  10. Thanks for the invite to letting me speak my mind. I will keep that in mind.

    I'm glad you are over this a$$hole and are looking towards new horizons. They are out there, you know, and they will jump up and bite you in the butt without warning. Hey, sometimes a bite in the ass can be fun ;-)

  11. Cube-- You know, I think I could get into that ha!
    Lovely suggestion!

    Get this... he's still trying to contact me. Sheesh!

  12. billy pilgrim-- That he do! I second your motion.

    By the way... had any ginger snaps lately? Hee hee.

  13. I'm doing a similar thing. I'm running and riding my bike around town taking photos. I'm reading wonderful books and listening to music. It's like heaven.

    It sucks that that guy was a scammer. There are a million of them out there, but there are also a million who aren't scammers too. I'm the same way, but I've become more careful in my old age. I'm still open, I'm just not THAT open anymore. It's a hard line to walk. Hang in there.

  14. I think a little private retreat sounds divine. I'm not sure what to suggest for your stay there...a fan, for the tropical breeze effect? Your comfort clothes, of course.

    I'm sorry you were hurt, Ananda. You are such a good person and one of these days you will meet someone who is worthy of your kindness, your attention, and your neck :-)

  15. Churlita-- I'm following your vacation... it does indeed sound fun!

    Well, you know, live and learn. I have to experience things to get it sometimes and may still not get it. I am too chatty and too open.
    But I'll close that down. It just pisses me off that I have to alter my personality because of someone else's actions.

    Thanks for the encouragement. I'm not all "butt hurt" anymore as the Bear would say. I survived. Pissed still!

  16. laura b.-- Hahahahaha... ah yes, my neck needs some attention, I must say!

    You are so right about the fan! Today its 103 and I melt at about70. Not a happy camper with heat. I've got my breeze turned up to typhoon and aimed right at me.

    Thank you for the kind words, laura b. You make me feel much better. :)

  17. Take an air conditioner with you on a bedroom vacation, for sure.

  18. Oh no.. that is terrible.

    I think you need to get a bike for your home vacation :)

    Internet is tricky, since people are mostly anonymous and can be very sneaky. Overall, I've been lucky, most of the people I've dealt with on forums (mostly art forums), and blogging have been very generous and true to form. Met lots of very cool people, just too bad that some rotten apples have to be mixed in with all the good.

    Hope you feel better soon! I like to listen to the Buzzcocks when I feel blue, they make me happy...

    Insane lion hugs,

  19. dmarks-- My AC is in the living room where I used to sleep. Sigh. I am sadly missing it... the fan is not a substitute for truly cool air!

    If I had the bucks... I'd be at WalMart buying one to go in the window today and that would be that. For now I have to settle on visiting the one in the other room.

  20. Sebastien-- How did you know that insane lion hugs were exactly what I needed?!!! Thanks! You have been such a wonderful addition to Oodles of Funch.

    I know... it's just like real people isn't it? Every now and then you get something wormy. I too have mostly found wonderful people. I will be more cautious, but I don't want to stop being what makes me... me!

    I don't have any Buzzcocks but their name alone demands that I find and listen! Your recommendation seals the deal. I'm off in search of Buzzcocks! Thanks! I want them to make me happy too.

    Insane lion hugs back at cha!
    ananda... hee hee

  21. miz ananda - my visiting friend Morning Glory says to take a book on your vacation. On her last bedroom vacation she tokl the Bourne Identity.

    I love Neil Young and listened to him throughout my teen years. I can see now that that speaks volumes to my mindset then. Loved loved loved him them - still love him now. We went to go see him in the late 80's early 90's when he had gone loud loud loud loud loud punk. Peral Jam opened hfor him. People were walking around with cigarette butts in their ears. wasn't really what I went to hear.

    I say no matter what you do or take or read - please be good to yourself - we love you!

  22. crazy4coens and Morning Glory-- Welcome to Funch M.G. and thanks for your suggestion! Reading is for me.

    So what happened with 80/90s Neil? Mid-life crisis?

    I recall many happy times listening to Neil with you. Big grins to that!

    I am trying very hard to be good. It is not always easy for me. I kinda love wicked... but need desperately to avoid any more bad juju! I am behaving.

    Thanks Sister Golden Hair Surprise... I just can't live with out cha! luvs

  23. David-- Hello sir! You know I have to laugh... you always show up on the posts that I do that are weirder than usual. I know things here are often weird, but some are far weirder than others.

    Thanks for the well wish for my vacation in my room! Ha. I'm so glad you stopped in, weird one or not. ;)

  24. Yeah, I get so attached myself. I care for people easily and fully. I love people and try to see the good in everyone.

    Some people have taken advantage of that, but I remind myself that it is their fault and not mine. They made the choice to pull the wool over my eyes...

    Take care, blog sister.

  25. Randi-- Yay! I've missed you! I know, we are very similar you and I. And you, sis... you have been an inspiration of how to move on and accept. That is something that I admire greatly about you.

    Very true words. You take care too. I'll be emailing soon. Swear.

  26. My song is Billy Joel's "You're Only Human (Second Wind)"

  27. Michael! Hi... always fun to have you show up. Such a great song...

    "You've been keeping to yourself these days
    Cause you're thinking everything's gone wrong
    Sometimes you just want to lay down and die
    But that emotion can be so strong
    But hold on 'till that old second wind comes along
    (You're only human, ooo-ooo)"

    Yep... he's been there. I can see why it gives you comfort. I'll remember this. Thanks.