Sunday, July 19, 2009

Bunny hopping on the Moon

"Bunny Hopping" is exactly what I would have done on the moon.

Okay, we all know this is the 40th anniversary of the moon landing. I remember watching it and how deeply it impressed me. It was a huge milestone in human history.

By that time I was already heavily into science fiction reading, working my way through Asimov, Heinlein and Bradbury.

Yet, I must give it a light treatment. We'll be seeing it over and over today, everywhere we look. So here... have a laugh or two in the sober moment on me.

What would you do on the moon?

Here are some other possible suggestions:

Jack Schmitt and Gene Cernan sing on the lunar surface. "I was strolling on the Moon one day, in the very merry month of May..December"
(I doubt that I would have had the nerve for this one.)
This was filmed in December 1972.

While trying to take a core sample of the Moon, Jack Schmitt stumbles, falls, and sprays lunar dust. In his defense, the lunar EVA suits made balancing quite a challenge in the 1/6g environment.
(Now this is an activity I can g et into without trying.)

Jack Schmitt kicks a rock downhill on the lunar surface during Apollo 17. The goal was the get at some fresh lunar soil underneath the rock.
(This sounds more fun than it turned out to be.)

Say hello to Lorn, my new "used son".

Yes, we did manage to get lost again trying to fetch him. Sigh.

We were within blocks of him and circling around and around but just not hitting it. Geez...
But we laughed a lot in the process and that's no
t such a bad thing.

The guys decided that they wanted take and bake pizza.

But here is my fish connection, the wonderful Sman and 6 pounds of steelhead fillets.

At $8.99 a pound at Safeway, I'm feeling lucky.

Here's a great little song from the True Blood series on HBO that I've been mooning over...

The Theme Song From The Fangtastic HBO Series "True Blood"

Very catchy... enjoy!

And for you Miss Bear... who has been lurking... I love you all the way to the moon and back!

To the rest of you... enjoy your moon walk a
nniversary. Celebrate with a moon pie but stay away from Moonies!

Moonies - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Moonpie: Homepage



  1. What would I do on the moon? Probably bunny hop, fall down, kick a few rocks, fall down, sing a few bars, fall down and plant a flag. Oh, did I mention fall down? I have a post coming up later today, so watch for it.

    Congratulations on the used son. Take 'n' bake pizza and fish for dinner, sounds good. Have a good Monday.

  2. aliencg-- We have so much in common... the multiple falling down thing... that I sometimes wonder if I might be an alien too. But you are braver than I to sing!

    Thanks for stopping in and starting my Monday nicely. I hope yours is wonderful and something very good happens today.

  3. What would I do from the moon?

    I'd probably blog from the moon.

  4. I would've moonwalked! I can't believe you didn't mention it especially with all the Michael Jackson furor of late.

    Anyway, then I would've fallen down because I can't moonwalk on regular gravity much less 1/6th gravity.

    The fish sounds better to me than pizza. And you can't beat the price.

  5. dmarks-- Wow, now that would be some post! I didn't think of that one, but what a great choice.

  6. cube-- Ha. I forgot all about moonwalking! lol Wouldn't that be fun to try. If I could get up the courage to fly there, which is highly unlikely for a chicken like me.

    I guess the good thing about falling down on the moon is that we klutzes won't get hurt doing it. I might even find it fun.

    The fish was delightful. The better choice to be sure.

  7. I'm in the klutz category for sure, but I have
    managed to keep most of my bones intact even on Earth's unforgiving gravity. Just lucky I guess.

    dmarks: Who would your high speed Internet carrier be on the moon? ;-)

  8. I would comb the moon to make sure there were no terrorist rabbits or squirrels on that planet.

  9. cube-- Yes and yay! that you didn't say NEVER, because that leads to broken bones. Stay cautious.

  10. Sebastien-- It's Moon Week at Planet Funch all week long. Drop in tomorrow for a shocking moon photo! Oddly enough I thought immediately of you when I saw it. tee hee

    I had a rabbit named Chub Feelie. Hee hee You would have liked him.

  11. I don't remember the REAL moonwalk. I have trouble walking when there's gravity, I can't imagine what it would be like without it.

  12. Churlita-- I think I've done it before... here on Earth after consuming a gravity reducer. ha!

  13. "I had a rabbit named Chub Feelie"

    I remember the pet rabbit on the Drew Carey Show. His name was... get this.... Commander Bun-bun.

  14. dmarks-- Commander Bun-bun! Hahahah I had a friend with one named Miss Buns. We in the rabbit fanatic community love our silly names and our bunnies.

    Chub Feelie got his name from an old morning radio show in Fresno... The Dean and Don's Breakfast Club. (Sponsored by Aunt Penny's Black and Serve Rolls!) Their Chub Feelie was a lounge singer. He sang a song called "Chowchilla" to the tune of Godzilla. Very funny stuffs. Chowchilla is a town in California not far from Fresno.

  15. dmarks-- What a hoot! I have not seen that episode, so now I'm going over to watch it on hulu. I loved the Drew Carey Show. Thanks so much for the link.

    Big grins.

    Oh, don't worry about the spelling. I do typos the way other people breathe.

  16. I am loving all these moon related posts. I've always loved the beautiful, mysterious looking moon :-) If I were there I'd be so amazed I'd probably just stand around looking gobsmacked until it was time to load up and head for home.

  17. laura b.-- Hee hee. You'd be moon stuck!

  18. remember when jethro bodine was on his way to the moon?

    he didn't need to take any food because "that rascal is made out of cheese uncle jed"

    his first words when he crashed on earth "where's all the moon maidens?"

    ever eat chinese moon cake?

  19. Just catching up after a long weeknd away from the computer. I think I'd do more of a loping run on the moon. I'm not good at feet-together hopping.

    Hope the time with the used son is going well.

  20. lorn looks just like one of yours! how fun to have more. merrier.

    i would take photos on the moon, get a great shot, trip and watch the camera float away as i dealt the the tear in my spacesuit.

    thanks for posting!

  21. billy pilgrim-- Yes, I certainly do recall Jethro! A simple man or is that simpleton? lol
    moon maidens.

    I have never had the pleasure of Chinese moon cake but I bet that I would like it a lot. It looks good. Does it taste as good as it looks?

    We don't have Chinese restaurants here. It makes me very sad.

  22. secret agent woman-- The used son is the salt of the earth and a big joy to us. Our lives are brighter for his radiance. That's not sarcasm.

    So you would be a loper. Are your legs long? I have short legs, er go... I hop. I would think that long legs would go well with loping.

  23. crazy4coens-- Ah, welcome to the gathering of the klutzes! I can actually see that in my head and the expression on your face as it happens. gafaw!

    Yes, Lorn belongs here sure as the sun rises and sets. He blends right in in every way you can think of where my family is concerned.

    Here he is saying good-bye to his tearful mom and he says "It's okay, now I have a better mom." It totally cracked his mom up and lightened the mood considerably. I should add that as we were driving off, he was yelling at her how much he really does love her. A good kid.

  24. how can you no have a chinese restaurant? you live in america, don't you?

  25. crazy4coens-- No ma'am... we live in Dumb Potter's Hell. It's only a rube annex!

    We used to have a Chinese restaurant, but they went out of business for not selling the same food as the other 3 feed spots. We currently have no Chinese folk. No one to pee on anything except for the drunks... and we have a large number of those.

  26. I would love to take a bunny to the moon, slap a miniature space suit on it an watch it bounce and float, a little surprised expression on its face!

  27. mo.stoneskin-- Ha! What a great idea! I'd like to see its little bunny face too. The big trick is to keep it from nibbling the suit. Bunnies don't do well in a vacuum. >:(

  28. crazy4coens-- You're welcome for the post. I tried not to, but it did not take. My children say I need an intervention.

  29. OK, LOVE the song, bad things...My Mom would have been 60 on the 19th! Needless to say, I had pie to celebrate in her honor!

    LOVE the take and bake pizza...too funny!

  30. Superstar-- Isn't it a great song?

    Here's to your mom... cheers! Pie in her honor is an excellent way to celebrate her.

  31. billy pilgrim-- Those Chinese moon cakes... would they have quite a bit of ginger in them?