Sunday, July 19, 2009


First light.

I am pretty darned psyched. Today I am getting a "used son". Cool beans! His name is Lorn. You have already heard about him. He's Squeaky's best friend who has been living in P'land. Lorn's mom is moving to California and Lorn does not want to go. He just turned 18, so we worked out a deal with his mom for him to move back in here.

You see, my house in a box used to be Lorn's house. His family is connected to us in a strange way. While we lived in Fresno, they lived in Visalia which is not far from Fresno. When Boo was stuck in Lousinana with my folks for 8 months, they were living in the same parish there. Then we both moved here to Dumb Potter's Hell within the same week. Our oldest boys became best friends. We beca
me friends. Her brother moved here and he became a very dear friend of mine. When he passed away four years ago, she did not want to stay here... and gave me all the equity she had in this house. It improved my life ten fold.

Lorn is the one Bear and I got so lost trying to find. Squeaky was going to go stay with him until this moving thing came up suddenly. So instead, tomorrow the Bear and I will once again brave the streets of P'land and go get Lorn. His mom is giving me a huge TV too. She gave me my last huge TV. It died a few months ago.

The great thing about Lorn is that all you have to do is mention that something needs to be done and he gets up and does it. Boom. Done. When I cook.... he's right there helping out. Mows the lawn without being asked. He loves to fish and does not mind fishing with old bats. Squeaky gets mad and tells him that Lorn is making Squeaky look bad. I tell Squeaky, no you make you look bad.

That's today's plan... go pick up the "used son" after breakfast with Bear and Mikey. We will BBQ later to celebrate his arrival. Mmmmmm... steelhead on the grill!

See this mess? This is what they did when they build the new firehouse. It's way over to the left of this photo.

See that shack back there? It's built of U-Haul trailer parts. They do that here! This is not the only U-Haul structure. Have you ever heard of this before?

See these lovely trees? They used to be living in that dirt up there. Sheesh.

And the reason they cut them down? Because trees are a fire hazard.

If trees aren't safe from fire living next to the firehall where is a tree safe?

Does this make any sense? ANY?

Sorry that has been bugging me. I moved here for the trees. Because there were no trees where I lived. The trees are what make Oregon green. Its just wrong.

This arrived in my mail box today. I did not order it and my boys say they didn't order it.

I like it so much, I am keeping it.

You know who he is!

"Remember, remember the fifth of November..."

Okay, enough farting around. I'm feeling great today. It's going to be a fun one. So let's have some fun with Sublime. This first song is ah, hem! A bit raunchy, but makes me feel good... something that Sublime is very, very good at doing.

Music video by Sublime performing Date Rape
with Greg Abramson [Video Director], Volney Howard [Video Producer]
(C) 1992 Gasoline Alley Records Inc.

This one you likely know. It's a signature song for them. The video is a fun little western. Makes me think of Mungo. Do you suppose this guy slugs horses too? Watch and see.

Music video by Sublime performing Santeria: Anamorphic Version
with McG [Video Director], Eriks Krumins [Video Producer]
(C) 1996 Gasoline Alley Records Inc.

There you go. I'm off to get a used son. I can't wait to post a photo of the occasion. Hey, I got some great music today. Maybe I can share some of it this week. What would life be without music?


  1. Life would suck without music. Congratulations on the used son. Sounds like it will be a good arrangement since you were just talking about having an empty house. Have a good BBQ and I look forward to hearing some of the new music.

  2. aliencg-- It would suck without music. I think its going to be a great day. I hope your day is great too.

  3. Lorn seems wonderful, you guys are going to have fun!

    Love that mask, very scary. And I love that comic book, V for Vendetta...

    People are always finding excuses to cut trees. Kind of annoying.

  4. Sebastien-- He is wonderful as a matter of fact.

    I love V for Vendetta too. A very interesting story.

    Poor trees. I guess the folk who live here have so many that they don't see it as a problem. The Lorax would have been outraged.

  5. I am kind of a tree hugger...I hate to see them cut down, and that is NOT a good reason!

    Congratulations on the used son. Sounds like you got yourself a very good bargain there...and it is always nice to have just one more of anything, right?

    I LOVE Sublime! Thanks!!!

  6. I never did see "V for Vendetta", but I know the joker mask from the poster.

  7. I hope you gave your TV a decent memorial service.

  8. laura b.-- Is it the librarian mystique? So much in common! hahaha

    Sublime is a wonderful diversion for me. I am moved to move and entertained all at the same time.

  9. dmraks-- That's Guy Fawkes's shining face. I'm pretty sure it is Guy for whom the phoenix in Harry Potter is named.

    I loved the comic and the movie. But then I'm just an old romantic at heart.

  10. mo.stoneskin-- In our house the death of a TV is well celebrated. In honor of Hunter S. Thompson, we propped it kitty-corner on the dumpster (with the help of a 6"x4" from below) and threw rail road spikes at the screen until it imploded! Ka-boosh! Everyone cheered and we tipped it in.
    Yay! Big fun. Max threw the honey shot.

  11. dmarks--- Whoops! Typo on your name. Sorry about that. I'm always transposing the letters in Sebastien's name too. Silly fingers.

  12. I know the mask... V for Vendetta, but I haven't seen it. I'm terrible about watching movies. Yes, I have a problem.

  13. cube-- That's okay. I don't see movies that people rave about for years afterward. It affects my ability to like them for some reason. We all have our quarks.

  14. Yes, we all have our quarks and our quirks :-)

  15. Oh no, so sorry about the mix up!!!! I am so embarrassed :)

  16. Sebastien-- No reason for embarrassment. Believe me, I have done so much worse. I tend to mix up people's genders, which for some funny reason they get touchy about. Ha.

  17. I need one of those used sons to put some fire under my own kids.

    We don't have those U-Haul buildings, but it's probably because it gets to cold here in the Winter for anyone to live in one.

  18. Churlita-- He has already proven that I'm getting a great deal in a used son!

    There are several U-Haul buildings here. Most are storage sheds but one is part of a house. I suppose its a good way to recycle. But darned odd if you ask me.

  19. i am so glad you're enjoying the mask!

  20. crazy4coens-- Absolutely! There is nothing like a good surprise unless it's a way to go incognito! I ended up with both.