Wednesday, July 29, 2009


The Damned : Smash It Up!

Ananda girl is on vacation in her new to her bedroom...

one of her favorite vacation activities is

dancing where no one can see her!


This is who is on stage today at Chez Oodles.

Es la canciĆ³n de Buzzcocks

This one comes to us via Sebastien, who suggested The Buzzcocks. He may have had another song in mind, but hey... this one's got a dance beat. ;)
And it made me laugh.

The Vandals - "Don't Stop Me Now" Kung Fu Records

A tongue in cheek ode to Freddy Mercury by some fun fellows! The beat is accelerated... see if you can keep up!

Speaking of tongue in cheek... this song makes fun of my favorite groups like Dropkick Murpys and The Pogues, but I love it anyway. Silly bad boys.

I might have written this one myself... these thoughts have been living in my brain... Thank you to Superstar for giving it to me. It helps to sing it all out loud... such a fucking process!
Beautiful music. Pretty, pretty boys. I am not generally a boy band donna, but this is a wonderful song. And it's for my confessor and good friend... because I do believe... with much affection and gratitude.

Well, I've got much, much more to dance to here... these will have to tide you over. I wanted to keep my part in blogging today short and sweet.

Comment or not... listen or not. It's vacation
time for all of you here at Oodles of Funch...
spend your mini vacation any way you
would like... but whatever you do
STOP and take a few minutes
out of your day for YOU.


  1. Good tunes - and some very funny ones, too. "Orgasm Addict" is hilarious! Enjoy your room (any way you wish...)

  2. Sulgod-- Ooops! Suldog-- I keep doing that with your name.

    Thanks. I am. The son who used to own this room was here last night, liked the improvements and trying to get it back.

    I said no way! It is funny how it's so much like being 12 and getting my own room again. Let's say it's young at heart.

    Great of you to stop in.

  3. I'm glad you're back and dancing yourself back to feeling better. Good stuff.

  4. Cube-- Thanks. I'm feeling mush better now... though I'm still waiting for that bite on the butt!

    First... some dreadfully needed coffee!

    BTW that's "much better" mush makes me sound drunk. Sheesh.

  5. I won't tell you if I dance in private or not. That's private information. This is a good variety of music for me to dance to if, in fact, I dance in private.

  6. AlienCG-- I will respect your privacy then... but secretly hope that you do!

    Thanks. We here at Chez Oodles pride ourselves on the wide variety of selections we have in our files. I hope that there is something for everyone.

  7. Ooohhh...I am not at all private about the fact that I dance in private. It is laughable, I know, but it makes me feel good.
    Thanks for the fun songs, Ananda! I love the Buzzcocks and that Vandals song is awesome :-)
    I will try and take your very good advice and have some nice "me time". Keep on enjoying yours...

  8. laura b.-- Yeah to my new friend! I am so happy to have found you over there.

    Surely a dancing bear must! I agree... I love dancing when no one is there. It's kind of like sleeping naked... feels so good. Dancing is a great way to get rid of stress and anger. I like it best when its only for fun.

    The Vandals are wonderful and very amusing they occupy a lot of my dance card. Their "I Am Crushed" is the star of all my pity parties because it makes me happy again.

    Good girl! Me time is sweet time. See... I'm having so much fun, I've gone all corny. :)

  9. Mush better? I want to know what you're putting in your coffee. ;-)

  10. cube-- Oh, I wish, I wish. Sadly I think its a residual effect from the 70s... all my days are "mush mouthed". Ha!

  11. i say dance wherever you darn well please. i have been known to mortify the limelettes by dancing down grocery aisles. what? love shack was playing.

  12. lime-- I can see that in my head! Love Shack is one of my Bear's favorite songs. Okay... just this once I will tell you she is named for their Planet... and the Bear firmly believes the B52s are her biggest fans. lol

    Thank you for the giggle and for your support.