Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pearl Jam - Man of the Hour

Above is Pearl Jam's contribution to the soundtrack to Big Fish.

Below is the nicest selection of clips from Big Fish put to the music of Coldplay's "Clocks".

A Big Fish Tale

Big Fish - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I really liked this movie.
If you haven't seen it, it's about a man who is a great storyteller. There is nothing I like more than a great story. This guy is amazing at weaving reality with fantasy for optimum effect when spinning a good one. The movie has a wonderful carnival feeling throughout. It's a whopper of a tale that has
everything... chills, thrills, romance and a really big fish! Its also got Ewan McGreg
or and Billy Crudup. You know... Billy is he of the giant blue schlongs... there are four by the way, not three. I watched it again today and got the correct count. Hey... there was an arguement over the correct number at our house.

This is my big fish. Not from Sman... this time it's from Aman.

Lots of fishermen here.

I don't fish for big fish, I only eat them.

That's my washing machine that he's on... to give you a scale. He goes corner to corner and still hangs over.

it's dumb... but so is life

My fish head. Not so

I get to butcher this one. I had StbX sharpen my boning knife before I hauled him home last night. It takes a good sharp knife. I have a bone cutter with a wicked edge too. This guy is a Steelhead... which are trout that live in the ocean and in fresh water, like salmon. Their meat is red like a salmon's and they taste very similar. Both have red meat because of the food they eat in the ocean. Ta da!

Product Details Here's a book about big fish.

Big Fish by Richard Ellis (Hardcover - April 1, 2009)

Another spectacular sun rise!
I hope your day is as beautiful.


  1. You know, I still haven't see that one.

  2. secret agent woman-- It's a great movie. Your boys would enjoy it too. A nice, clean movie as well.

  3. man, you must be smart eating all that fish.

    my mother always told me that fish was brain food. alas, i didn't eat enough fish in my youth.

    so it goes.

  4. I loved the movie Big Fish. Because we're all nerds in my family and full of useless trivia, my daughter told me that it was Miley Cyrus' first movie. Who knew?

    You are a rock star, cleaning and deboning your own fish.

  5. I blogged about the fish-heads video a while ago. I assume you know that the guy who made it was Will Robinson in "Lost in Space" and Lenier in "Babylon 5" ?

  6. Churlita said: "You are a rock star, cleaning and deboning your own fish."

    .... bad to debone. B-b-b-b-b-bad.... Bad to debone...

  7. I woke to more rain, no sunrise. I am beginning to doubt its existence.

    I like this Pearl Jam song along with pretty much everything else. I have not seen this movie, though.

    I love fish. The eating of, not the dispatching of.

  8. billy pilgrim-- Sadly that's an old fish wife's tale! No doubt they felt bad about being lowly fish wives and wanted to boost their image.

    My brain is not so smart, as you should be able to tell by Miss Bliss's adventures. And keeping in that line of thought... I do to excess all things that I enjoy. I love eating fish.

    Not so smart. Just O.C.D.

  9. Churlita-- Thank you! I love to butcher things. Doesn't that sound awful? But you have to be strong physically to be a butcher and I am not strong enough to haul the big parts around. So I wrapped meat for a grand butcher. A great job. He taught me how to do the cuts. I've done deer and elk for folk. But I do not hunt. I just like to cut things up. As you probably guessed, I am not even slightly squeemish.

    That's interesting about Miley C. I did not know that either!

  10. dmarks-- No I did not know that! I'd heard that it was Howie Mandel, but did not trust that information source. Thanks!

    You are a funny man.

  11. aliencg-- I love your new blog! Great place.

    Here it is cool and breezy today. A very nice change from the heat. Hopefully our sun is headed your way. It left this morning... watch for it.

    My freezer has so much free fish right now that my sons are complaining... no room for frozen pizza, chimmichongas, popsicles,etc. If you lived closer, I'd share. As you can tell, we all share here.

  12. I loved the movie Big Fish...and that Pearl Jam song.
    I am one of those hypocrites who doesn't care to think about where my food comes from. I want it all unrecognizable as a former animal when I get it :-) That is one big fish though!

  13. ananda - i loved Big Fish - loved loved loved - but I do not remember the 3 or 4 big schlongs. seems like i would have remembered that! really schlongs? also love the pearl jam clip - i am now using Hold See's i pod ear plugs - they are great! i love it when the music plays back up in the middle of my brain. i gotta get myself a set of these ear buds. wait - i have some - i am using them now! happy thursday to you and yours!

  14. Also love love love the little fish head clip!

  15. crazy4coens-- Don't you love ear buds and MP3/ iPods? My life greatly improved when I got mine.

    Billy Crudup is one of those actors that I follow. He was in Almost Famous as "I am a golden god! No wait... I'm high on drugs!" guy. I have loved to watch him ever since. He played Dr. Manhattan in The Watchmen, which Churlita mentioned on her post. We happened to be watching it also and an argument broke out on the number of schlongs that showed up in one shot. Don't ask why... it's my family and you know how we are. So we all placed bets and waited to count them. You see.. Billy Crudup is a giant blue man with giant anatomy who is happy without clothing. It is hard to tell what is computer enhanced and what is real.

    So you see... long story short, the giant blue scholongs were not in Big Fish, therefor it is understandable that you did not see them there. Phew! What a long explanation for a comment.

    Please... you and yours have a wonderful Thursday too!

  16. big fish is a fantastic movie. we enjoyed it enough to buy it. in fact i may pop it in the dvd player shortly. thanks:)

  17. lime-- I'm watching my copy today too. Cool beans.

  18. I so heart that Movie...I have been able to watch it twice. I get all teared up just watching the snippets!


    I actually use the story of catching Fish when we talk about hyperbole. You know the six inch fish that becomes six FEET by the time they have added in all the exaggeration!

  19. Superstar-- Have you ever seen the movie "Dave" ?
    It has the greatest "fish hyperbole" of all time in it.

    I love stories of all kinds. Exaggeration does not bother me. In fact, I find it charming and creative. When I first saw Big Fish I was mystified that the son was such a dick! I'd have loved to be the son of a wonderful story teller!

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