Sunday, July 5, 2009


This is Warren Zevon "Searching for a Heart". A little something to listen to while you look at the photos of fireworks.

As it turns out, taking photographs of fireworks is much harder to do than it sounds. The delay between pushing the button and the flash and click near drove me mad. Out of over 100 photos, I bet only 15 didn't get canned. Geezz

On top of that, the water photos didn't turn out well at all. Crap. Well, for whatever they are worth...

It was crowded and smokey as usual. There were tons of people. I was lucky to find a place to stand. After a bit, I sat down on the lawn. No one tripped over me this year. :)

I ran into many people I have not seen for a long time.

Found out our friend, Joe is back in Iraq for his third tour of duty. He just had a baby girl five months ago. Hope he stays safe.

It was a lovely night. Warm enough for short sleeves. The smoke kept the bugs away!

If you enjoyed Warren Zevon, here is another of his songs that I like with a bit of help from Jackson Browne.



  1. Excellent photos. Fireworks are easier to photograph than lightning. The best part about fireworks on a calm night is the smoke to keep the bugs away.

    Thanks for the music. I'm a Warren Zevon fan, too.

  2. I like taking fireworks photos, but I usually set the camera on a fast-speed setting (the on with the little sports icon on my camera).

    I saw Warren Zevon a couple of times n college when he used to play with all of REM except Michael Stipe, as the Hindu Love Gods.

  3. aliencg-- Thank you! I've never tried lightening... the only way I'd ever get it would be if I accidentally took a photo when it struck!

    I agree... smoke in this case is a good thing. Bugs love the river.

  4. secret agent woman-- Thanks for the tip! I really don't know what I am doing at all.

    I saw him as only himself once many years ago. He sounds just as good in person as he does on record. I would have loved to see the Hindu Love Gods. I am a huge R.E.M. fan. I see Scott McCaughey, sideman of R.E.M. twice a year in K.M.R.I.A. I love it when people I like mix together in different bands.

  5. Oh, I love Warren Zevon. Thanks, Ananda. And I think you did a great job with your fireworks shots! I was hoping to have some to post too, but my success rate was very looowww...

  6. I thoroughly enjoyed both of those YouTube videos and I had to go to my playlist and add Detox Mansion and Mohammed's radio. That's great music. He used to go to Stravinsky's house. I can't even imagine.

  7. Pouty Lips-- Hey... Welcome to Funch!

    Yes, an incredible man who grew up knowing an extraordinary man! The music is the proof. Glad you enjoyed them.

  8. laura b.-- Yey! Another Zevon fan... do we all have good taste or what?

    Those firecrackers are sneaky bastids! Hard to capture. ;)

  9. cool photos.

    was there some sort of holiday yesterday?

    i remember warren zevon on the larry sanders show. he was a little touchy when requested to sing werewolves of london. hey now.

  10. billy-- Thanks!

    No holiday for you billy! (but hope it was happy anyway.)

    It really wasn't Warren's best song... but your fans make you what you are and need to be respected.

  11. Great photos.

    Yes, lightning is hard to take photos of.

    "Hey look! a lightning bolt! Gonna click the shutter!"

  12. Thanks dmarks!

    I think that may be my next near insane challenge... to catch the lightening.


  13. great pictures! i took exactly zero pictures of the fireworks over our town. i can imagine they are hard to catch.

  14. crazy4coens-- Oh my dear... I am a human being full of faults. It may be easy for someone else. It took me half the show and counting time from them shooting them off until they blew up... to guest-tim-mate the time to click the button.
    That was hard on my brain.

  15. well luckily you have a nice big brain to deal with all that!

  16. crazy4coens-- Yeah, but it's kind of empty at times. Oooohhhh... pretty!

  17. Wasn't Warren Zevon the guy who worked with Karla Bonoff? I think that's how I know his music.

    As for fireworks, we broke the law & shot off our own. We heard a cop on TV talk about how Florida's fireworks ban is unenforceable on July 4th. When you outlaw fireworks, only outlaws have fireworks.

  18. Cube-- Highly possible. Karla was a backup vocalist for Linda Ronstadt, who recorded Zevon songs (and Karla's) and all were involved with Jackson Browne... probably produced by him as well as friendly. But I cannot say this for fact.

    Warren is best known for Werewolves of London. Aaaahhhhh....oooooooooo!

  19. Cube-- Speaking of "Werewolves of London"... teh of my favorite zombies is in that movie. Yes, sadly, I do have favorite zombies. The Idle Hands beer-bottle-in-head and duct-taped-head-on zombies are two more.

    You got zombies and then you got ZOMBIES.

  20. Taking photos of fireworks is really tricky. it looks like you figured it out though. Nice pics.

  21. Chulita-- Thanks! I liked your shot too. Hope you are feeling better today.