Saturday, July 25, 2009


Welcome to Sunday Snickers... I've decided to use Sunday as a two fold project. I'm going to try and find items that I think go with my bloggers' personalities. I won't say which item is for who... you can have fun guessing! I won't be able to do everyone each week, but will cycle around.

I'd also like to make this a fun and funny day with funny videos, facts or songs. Shouldn't we laugh on Sunday? Isn't it a day of rest and not so serious stuffs? Well, I'm thinking so. I hope you enjoy it.

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Very cool beans. Do you recall where you saw it last week? I do...

Someone loves this song!

Hummmm... wonder who that is ?

Do we know any singing and dancing bears?

Song: "Twisted"
Artist: Joni Mitchell
Album: Court & Spark
Year: 1974

This Joni Mitchell song is a word game four you.

This tiny turtle from Cuba has been born with two heads.

Two for two bloggers.

it seems that the turtle loves the cat though cat is not interested in the turtle at all.

Now the one below does not levitate...

I could not resist the "John B. Sails" song down there... aka "I Wanna Go Home". I was actually trying to find a serious copy of a different version, but it does not exist in video that I could locate. Drats! But this one cracked me up pretty good... so it had to come and have the main seat at Oodles of Funch. I used to sing this one to my transistor radio that hung from a wrist loop on my stingray handle bars as I pedaled along.


  1. Hmmm, I know the lion cub video is for Sebastien. That's about all I can really guess, unless the Ramones is for yours truly, then that's another I know.

    I like this little idea, it's fun.

  2. Yay! AlienCG-- You are a good guesser! Two for two!

    Thanks... I thought it would be fun to try. So from now on, as I visit posts, I'll be looking for little hints that I can use on Sunday Snickers. I love themes... can you tell!

    Sebastein gave me the magical lion! He IS MY lion and I could not be happier about it.

  3. if the second head came out it's arse would it be a push me pull you?

    kirk's is my hero, i watched the enemy within last night. tonight it's mudd's women. i have bond with mudd for some funny reason ;)

  4. billy pilgrim-- A Push-me-pull-you! Ha. Indeed I think it would. hahahaha

    Rodger C. Carmel was such a hoot. That's a good episode. And gee... what could it be that you like on that one? hee hee

  5. "This tiny turtle from Cuba has been born with two heads."

    Is it named "Fidel and Raoul" ?

  6. dmarks-- Well if it wasn't before, it is now!

  7. ananda - thanks for the twisted! i love these headphones. the husband is padding around talking and i am listening to twisted. like wifi - i think these ear buds may change my life. again - thanks for the joni mitchell! hint hint hint. it's me right? it's me?

  8. crazy4coens-- Yes my dear, dear crazy... you are TWISTED. hee hee

    Ear buds and MP3 player + Dropkick Murphys changed my life so completely it is astounding to me that I ever, ever could live without them. I've never written a fan letter in my life... but I'd sure like to thank those boys and whoever came up with the MP3.

    BTW... StbX hates my ear buds. I can soooo totally tune him out. ;)

  9. Even though that baby lion doesn't levitate, I still love 'im. Cute... oh, wanna be sedated, great song. Love Sloop John B as well... gummy bear looks kind of frightening, I used to scared of gumby as well when I was little, also the fragglerock characters and sesame street and the muppets. I have serious paranoia problems :)

  10. Sebastien-- Oh but I love Gumby, the Fraggles and Muppets! My Bear always wanted to be Gumby for Halloween... so she could say "I'm Gumby damn it!"

    But I was afraid of my brother's battery operated robot. It was so scary!

  11. I don't see myself, and that is perfectly fine, and I love the others'. I think it's a great idea... And am now VERY excited about Tim Burton and Alice in Wonderland! I didn't know that was coming...

  12. Many thanks from the Dancing Bear :-) You are so much fun, Ananda Girl!

  13. Pamela-- I would not have either if if had not been for dmarks at Throwawayblog telling us about Tim's new adventure. Very cool beans!

    Thanks! Watch for yourself next time!

  14. laura b.-- He was a must as soon as I laid eyes on him... and that's what started the whole idea off. You are my inspiration!