Sunday, July 26, 2009



Go Joe! Happy Monday folks! If this does not get you up and shaking those hips... nothing will and you may as well lay down and wait for the reaper man! In concert, the whole audience becomes a giant undulating creature. I was thrilled to find this. Good memories and a good start to a new week. Whooo oh oh oh! Hey! Hey! Hey!... Joe Satriani's crowd chant... and they do chant and gyrate! I could hardly get my post up for dancing.

Because it is Monday and you are all getting yourselves into work mode... here is Max's new place of employment. It's called Big Horse. They are a nice restaurant and a brew pub that makes their own brews. Their motto: If It Doesn't Have A Big Head Or Big Body It Can't Be A Big Horse.

It's hard to tell by this picture... but it is a sort of Push-Me-Pull-You carousel zebra with some guy's head coming out of it's rear end. I do not know why that is, only that it is so. Maybe you can see it if you click on it to enlarge it. Don't know.

Speaking of rear ends.... That waitress back there has the rear end that I would buy if I could go into the butt shop and pick one up! I might not have noticed but she kept dropping her pencil... and the guys were falling off their chairs to watch. ;)

This is the view from our table of the Columbia River. If you enlarge it, you can see that it is littered with sails of all sorts. It was a busy river day with good wind and happy people.

I love this photo not because it's of anything that anyone would want to see, but because it isn't. What it is... is colorful and a snip of life. Life is not pretty. It has trash and dumpsters. It is full of fences to stop you from taking the easy path. And everywhere you look , there's a freaking wire to trip up your view. Oh... is that too negative. I want to keep this up beat.

When Squeaky was a little guy, he used to call this the "Yucky bridge1" and cover his ears with his hands while making a terrible grimace. It makes a nasty droning sound as you cross it.

We used to cross in our town and drive up the Washington side of the river so he did not have to endure it. He was so sensitive to sounds. Still is actually.

He is not a Satriani fan. He won't dance either. He's missing out! Life has so many wonderful sounds and movements. Not to mention that it is amazing to be part of an undulating mob. And no one plays like that man! This one is simple compared to his other works. You'll find one of my ultimate Satriani loves at the bottom of the post. If you're not a hard guitar fan, you might want the volume kept low... low... low. If you are one... oh baby... crank it and move!

This showed up for gas while I was getting gas myself in Dumb Potter's Hell. I loved the colors... so retro- boho!

Nevada Slim: Singer of Traditional Western, Vintage Country Blues ...

You gotta love their name! Yee Haw!

Well folks, Ananda Gril's brain just got blown up in a fluke of fate. I won't be mentally right for days until I know how the situation will be resolved.

In the mean time... here's some Joe for your morning, noon or whatever. (I need to be sedated. Should have saved that one for today!)

Joe Satriani - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

* Oh my God!!!


  1. Great slice-of-life pictures here today. My favorite would have to be the picture the apparently nobody wants to see.

    I don't mind Satriani, he is definitely talented, but I am more of the lyric fan. I do like my share of instrumentals.

  2. AlienCG-- Thanks! That's my favorite too. There is something about the normalness of it. Is that a word?

    I'm not always in the mood for instrumentals... but I do adore Joe. His concerts are so full of energy. And he's one of those people who sound as good live as they do on CD.

  3. You live in ORegon?? I'm jealous. Even if you are just visiting, I'm jealous. I love all the photos,a nd way to keep it upbeat.

  4. The photo of "nothing" is the one I love. I always like taking shots like that, myself, or even just sitting by a window overlooking something like that. I, too, like life in it's many (sometimes not traditionally pretty) guises.

    Saw Satriani open for Deep Purple about three years ago. Great show!

  5. Pamela-- Oh yes, live in Oregon. Thank you. I try to stay upbeat. Not always easy. In fact, today is one of those days.

  6. Suldog-- I think some people just naturally are drawn to what is real. Comes from surviving reality. I think.

    Oh... you got to see Satriani and Deep Purple?
    OH... unfair! I want that memory!

  7. Suldog-- I'm glad you were here today. :)

  8. What great photos, one and all. I love that Satriani has a song called Surfing with the Alien :-)

  9. Your picture os nothing in particular reminds me of Los Angeles - we had a view like out our window in Little El Salvador.

    Satriani is definately talented - but not really my cup o'tea. Sounds good on ear buds, though!

    I hope your head is ok - you sounda kinda unhappy in the post.

  10. laura b.-- I also love the title... and it sounds like the Silver Surfer... who happens to be an alien... in my head.

  11. crazy4coens-- I like that there is a little El Salvador somewhere.

    I am okay. I want what I can't have. And it ironically kept me safe. I love irony.

    I must flee... to the town on the left to sit in the heat.

  12. We used to call those "singing bridges."

  13. crazy4coens-- It was 102 and no freaking shade anywhere! I lost ten pounds in sweat. Glad to be home.

  14. secret agent woman-- Oh I do like that name better. Maybe if we had used that charming name the boy would have been more accepting of the sound.

  15. crazy4coens-- Today was StbX's meetings day. I could have gone to the Bear's house.

    But you know when I get really upset, I find that abusing myself makes me feel better.

    Baking beats cutting or binge drinking or following that young "opportunity" home.

    Seemed safer somehow. Now I am going to go walk in a hot building for an hour and see if I can pass out. (just joking... about passing out.) I am in control... and as you know, for me that is a triumph.

    Thanks for asking and keeping me safe... again.

  16. I could only open approximately half of your videos... still, I think I got the gist of your post.

    That said, please don't post about MY rear end on your blog when I drop a pen... sometimes I drop a pen by accident ;-)

  17. Cube-- Ha! Your rear is safe here!

    Thanks for the giggle... needed that.

  18. Fences schmences. I always keep wire cutters on me. I'm smart like a fox.

  19. Sebastien-- I did... I laughed right out loud at that! You are such a smart and practical man. I had no idea you were so foxy!