Saturday, July 11, 2009


This was taken as the sun was setting Saturday evening. I drive past this ten or more times in a day. But I remember to stop and look at it and appreciate it.

This is our old fire hall. Okay, it does sort of look run down. When they began the new fire hall, they let it go. It will sit for years empty and falling into ruin. That's what we do here. I do not get that.

This is the new fire hall. Our firemen are all volunteers. We do employ a licensed EMT. We have lots of wrecks on our freeway.

The weekend was nice enough. It began Friday with a visit from Bear and Mikey. We walked the length of town and back. Its a 7 mile long walk going up and down long, subtle hills.

I don't like to walk with other people generally. They don't walk at my pace, and frankly, I am not there to chat. I am walking for the aerobic benefits. Bear stepped right up and kept a good pace, even pushing the stroller. We stopped mid-way at the other end of town at the park so that Mikey could swing and play. I did too.

This is the Rock & Gem Show. It was in the park too. Lots of people with dogs were there. Mikey stepped in poo twice. I wish that people would scoop their dog's poo! Most folk are good about it. But there's always that one guy, you know?

I fished here today. No fish hooked, but I do not mind. It's the peaceful feeling that the water gives me and quiet time when no one is demanding anything from me that I seek.

It's also only about a city block from my house. There is another fishing hole that is closer, but this one is special. Magical somehow.

Well, I thought it would be nice to have a calm song like Velvet Underground's "Sunday Morning" for you... on this Sunday morning. The song... is old, old, old (1967) and very sweet. Go down to click on it.

Even though you immediately think of Lou Reed when you hear "Velvet Underground", he does not sing this song. Instead Lou and John Cale wrote this song for Nico 's voice... and wrote it on an actual Sunday morning. Note: I do not recall this from that period of time. I found it later when I discovered Lou Reed and traced him backwards.

Nico was a fashion model and friend of Andy Warhol. She also had a part in Fellini's La Dolce Vita.

I hope your Sunday is as sweet. :)


  1. Stepping in dog poo is always a bad harbinger for the day.

    If you step in dog poo, there is no way to salvage the rest of your day. It has been thoroughly trashed.

  2. Sebastien-- What does it mean when you step in it twice?

    You may be right about the trashed day. Mikey was very resentful of the stroller after that. It took both of us to battle him into it and strap him down. He was very bummed.

    I stayed happy, but I didn't step in it.

  3. Ananda, have a lovely weekend looks like you have had a good lead-up to one :)

  4. Actually, it's not a guy in my case, it's an older woman that doesn't scoop her dog's poop. That mangy mutt poops in my yards, she see's it and let's it stay there.

    I like "Pale Blue Eyes" by the Velvet Underground. I have a remake on Dead Letter Office by REM.

    Great pictures, by the way.

  5. Braja-- Yes I have. I intend to enjoy today as fully as possible too!

  6. aliencg-- Oooohh... I do not have that R.E.M.! I must get it.

    Ack! That is a terrible person. So rude! One of our park's old ladies does that. She lets her dog out to go in everyone's yard and not her own. Zito Von Frito is not allowed to do that. To me it's like not changing you're child's diaper. It stinks, but it is your job and it needs to be done.

    Thanks for the compliment on my photos.

  7. volunteer firemen!!!

    i shared a room in a sanitarium with man who thought volunteer firemen were the salt of the earth. i learned a lot from that man.

    you're lucky to be associated with volunteer firemen

    (how loud is their siren?)

  8. billy pilgrim-- The siren is very loud. You can hear it all the way across the Columbia River in Washington. The town over there responds to our fires here too. Though we have not had a fire in a few years.

    You can never have enough volunteer firemen. I am lucky indeed. They saved everything I owned a few years back from a forest fire. We were on CNN. I owe them big time.

  9. I wish I could get up early enough to post on a Sunday Morning...LOL It's 1ish here, and I am feeling a bit like a lazy bones!

    Love the photos...It makes me miss the lake place I grew up at!

  10. Superstar-- I actually do them the day before and suspend them. Then, before I hit the hay, I activate them for the next day. Or if I want to go to be at a decent time, I activate them at 4:30 a.m. when my alarm goes off.

    I was being very lazy. Almost asleep, then got up and went for a long walk. Now I'm exhausted but in a good way.

  11. billy pilgrom-- I just ran into our fire chief and asked him if our siren had a Messerschmitt engine.

    He laughed and told me that I was confusing it with a type of airplane. :(

  12. The Velvet Underground, for me, is kind of like Big Star, or the Beach Boys, or Mozart-clearly important-obviously important and hugely influential-but I don't get. I don't enjoy them, and no matter how many times I try to listen, I don't get it.

    Then again, talking about music, as John Lennon told us, is like dancing about architecture.

  13. Michael-- I like that quote and have never heard it before, thanks.

    That's okay. I'm not as much a Velvet Underground fan as I am Lou Reed fan. I do like the Beach Boys... but am a California girl born and raised and they were in my ears almost as long as I can remember. When I tell people that I loved Styx I often get shocked or dirty looks. ha

    So I wonder if you saw Josh Hamilton hit his 29th homer? It was a thrill!

  14. Shame about the fire hall. I hate to see old buildings left to disintegrate.

  15. secret agent wowman-- Yes, I agree. In the last five years we have lost a third of our downtown businesses. The buildings look lonely and sad.

  16. my husband was born in a sanitorium

  17. crazy4coens-- Every time I think that I know almost everything about you... you still can stun and amaze me.

    I adore this fact about your hubby!
    It's a wonderful topic as far as I am concerned. It begs for information. That's my kind of topic.
    I shall have to explore it further.

  18. It is just what they called the hospital in Hanford - don't know why - but I love to tease him about it. There is just something sanitorium about him. (And me for staying married to him)

  19. crazy4coens-- I must agree... he's very sanitorium-ish. Hahahahaha But also handsome and a musician. He can be terribly charming if I recall. I can see why you stay. Plus he can reach stuff on the top kitchen shelf... which I can't. But hey... you can reach it too.

  20. I love that song. Nico had the most interesting voice.

  21. Churlita-- Yes. I can see why they wanted to write just for her voice.