Friday, July 24, 2009


Our word today is "SUMMER" and comes to us from laura b. from What Fresh Hell is This? - What a great choice! If you have not visited laura b., well you better go do it. She has lots of fun stuffs there.

What could be more like summer than camping. What a big tent!

Summer is the perfect time for family get-togethers. Did you know I was related to Mr. Clean?

Summer time is the best time to play!

Summer is the time to go to the beach! We found this tide pool area.

Summer is the time for fireworks!

Or how about a summer river cruise?

Summer sunsets are the best!

Summer flowers like this oriental poppy.

Summer is the perfect time for Italian Ices.

What about a summer bike ride?

Thanks for stopping by today. I miss you muggers when you don't!

Hey! Ananda is so twitterpated that she can't even think straight today. I forgot the summer music... yeah, me, the music bitch. Sheesh! So here you go music fans... enjoy, head-bang....DANCE! Summer is made for dancing.

First... my favorite of these... Ataris... Yummy
I really like that in the original the line says "I saw a Dead Head sticker on a..." But this one says "I saw a Black Flag sticker..." Cool beans. Love the blondie!

Going waaaayyyy back to summers past!

Rare clip of The Mamas And The Papas performance on Hullabaloo TV show in early 1966. Song was writen by John Sebastian from The Lovin' Spoonful. In that day, M&Ps also performed "California Dreamin' " and "Nowhere Man".
Leave a comment or rate ) How many of these old foggies can you name... know who the guy is at the end. Here is a hint... everyone loves his dad in France! hahahaha Oh, I do crack myself up. You have to be old to play this game. Sorry young 'ens!

THAHAAHAAAAAt's AAAALLLL FFFFFFolks! Have a wonderful summer day! Go do something fun and get off the computer!


  1. Your post is so very summery that I couldn't help smiling as I read it :-) I haven't been camping in so long. I had no idea you were related to Mr. Clean, but I did know about that cute little fellow on the slide!
    I looove tidepools...fireworks....and I'd love a river cruise if we had a big enough river nearby. Sunsets, flowers, Italian ices...all things of beauty and pleasure, which we need to take where we can! And how is your bike quest coming?
    As always, thank you for the music links. I love all of these :-)
    Great post, Ananda Girl...

  2. laura b.-- Thanks! I have to wait for my next payday for a bike... this month I got a used son and took a hit on my wallet celebrating and doing fun stuffs with him and the Squeaky in tow.

    I have so much fun doing this game. It really is great. I highly recommend it to anyone who has not yet played and wants to!

  3. ah, summer has all sorts of fun things about it, doesn't it. thanks for sharing.

  4. lime-- Thanks for stopping by. The Saturday Scavenger Hunt is a lot of fun for me. You should join up and start clicking... if you are into that.

  5. All fine examples of SUMMER. Excellent pictures, and you're right, there's nothing like a SUMMER sunset.

    As always, a fine selection of music for the season. I did recognize Dionne Warwick in the M&P's video. I think it's funny that lip syncing was totally accepted back in those days.

  6. AlienCG-- Thank you! Good work on Dion Warwick. The man singing next to her is Burt Backarack... the guy who wrote all of her big hits.

    Lip sync was the way that the shows got around the legal issues that went with music being played. I think... if foggy memory serves me... that it was way more expensive for a station to use live sound.

    And you know so much was tweeked in the studio. Today we have sound systems that tweek it as you sing... amazing! You don't have to be able to carry a tune.

  7. ananda - great pics - my fav was the poppy! i love nature - conteneted sigh. i did not know you were realted to mr. clean, either. imagine that - you can know someone forever, and still not know everything about them.... great post, as always!

  8. Crazy4coens-- Thanks. I grew that poppy all by myself. I am so proud of it.

    Well, actually Mr. Clean is StbX's brother. Not really my blood relative. But I do like him very much. Nice, nice man.

    Oh I am full of it... mysteries that is. hee hee