Friday, July 10, 2009


Obviously a scrap quilt.

The quilt above was likely made out of scraps like these remnants.

A small herd of Mike's Mufflers and More scrap animals.

Looks like this is overdue for the scrap pile.

Too precious to be scraps, these books and CDs hold scraps of information, knowledge, entertainment, pleasure and ideas.

Here is a scrap of music from 1970! Thanks to laura b. for jogging my memory.

Artist: Mungo Jerry
Song: In The Summertime
Album: In The Summertime (LP)

Originally released in 1970 by Pye Records.

And this musical number is called "Scraps" by Buckethead. Gotta love that name!

Hey Guy's ;) \m/

Here is audio of Buckethead Performing "Scraps" live @ The Theater of Living Art's in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on May 31, 2009. Please Enjoy ;) \m/

Bunghole30 \m/

Last but not the least... the type of scrap I hate to see...
justin &nd ikaika

Have a fantastic weekend folks... I hope you don't have a scrap of trouble. ;)


  1. Love the scranimals. Great take on the word.

  2. Nice work! Great music - as always and ecclectic, too. Kinda scrappy, eh?

    I didn't even think of scrap quilt - duh!

    I love the picture with the Columbia in the background - it really is beautiful!

    I can hardly wait to hear what the word for next week is.....

  3. dmarks-- Thank you. I love the scranimals too!

  4. crazy4coens-- Thank you. The music was just for fun.

    Do you recognize how close that is to where you stayed? That river... I spend hours and hours watching it. It calms me.

    I can hardly wait to figure that word out!

  5. What an excellent SCRAP of a post. All excellent examples and I had a feeling Mike's Mufflers would be making a return appearance. Thanks for playing.

  6. aliencg-- Thank you! Yes, it's hard to leave Mike's Mufflers and More out. They're just so darned cute. I still want that Pink Floyd pig.

    I'm always happy to play. I get into this.

  7. Those scrap animals are crazy. I want some for the living room.

  8. Mo-- So glad I didn't scare you away permanently yesterday with my Friday Fables!

    See... I really can be normal.

    I do love those scrap animals. I have to get the pig, just have to. I'm calling Mike.

    Thanks for coming back again. :)

  9. I just read a few posts and parked here to comment. Your blog is very interesting. I really do see the two trucks waiting in line to use the porta-potty, and I didn't even take mescaline. I like your blog. Is that fable really fiction? It sort of struck a familiar chord.

  10. Pouty Lips-- Welcome to Oodles of Funch! I'm glad you like my blog. It is ah... a variety of stuffs.

    Isn't all fiction based in reality? I have done many stupid things in my life. Something that dumb should have a purpose. Why not to entertain?

    I am never sure if I am scaring people away or not. But also find that it does not make much difference. I can only be what I am and that is all I can offer. It is good to be accepted. Thanks!

  11. I like quilts. I love scrap to make them too!

  12. I want me some scrap animals. They will be ferocious and roam all the land like kings.

    I will probably have to get a tetanus shot though before I can have one as a pet.

  13. Superstar-- You know in my head your names sounds like the way Molly Shannon says it as her Mary Katherine Gallagher character. I get a kick out of that.

    I make quilts too. Isn't it fun?

  14. Sebastien-- What happy scrap animals you will have! Perhaps they won't bite or scratch you and you can bypass the shot.

    I'd like to have a room full of your animals... bunnies, kitties, bears... lots of bears. Do you get many paper cuts?

  15. You included so many different scraps of this and that...great post! And Mungo Jerry...yay!!!

  16. laura b.-- Thank you. I get obsessed with this stuff.

    My Bear loves Mungo Jerry. She heard it on an oldies station and began talking about it. Isn't that funny?

    What is there about librarians that they are up on line at this hour? Me too... obviously. Big grin.

  17. Hmmm, not too many paper cuts. Mostly burns. I play with fire a lot in my spare time. I think this is why I'd like to make metal scrap animals, be a good excuse to buy a welding torch (oooohhhh big flame!!!)...

  18. Sebastien-- That's good about the paper cuts.

    I get paper cuts. Glad you don't!

    I can weld. I used to have my own oxygen and acetylene torch. I can braise too. You would enjoy it. The fire turns colors and is lovely. You get to wear goggles. Very cool beans.

    But don't burn down your house again... okay?

  19. Wow, that's amazing that you had those tools! I took a class in metal working, it was lots of fun. The teacher said he was proud of how deftly I handled the torch and fire, said I had an amazing knack with fire. I said, 'I know.'

    But enough kidding, I really did take a metal working class! Wish I had more experience with 3-d materials... I would love to learn about working with wood, specifically wood carving and sculptures.

    But I like to stick with 2-d work, hehe...

  20. Sebastien-- My dad had them first. I showed an interest so he enrolled me in a night welding class in the hope that I would one day create fantastic sculptures. Silly father!

    When he stopped using them, he gave them to me. Eventually I was talked into selling them and now wish I never had. Live and learn.

    My soon to be ex is a carpenter, so I have never lacked for wood working tools... lathe, every kind of saw you can imagine, etc. My favorite tool right now is my Dremel rotary tool for carving. Fun stuffs!

    You are very good at what you do Sebastien. I like your 2-d work very much.

  21. I like the scrap crap... ;-)

  22. Pamela-- Why thank you! Me too. heehee

  23. I have a couple of old family quilts made of scraps. I love them.

  24. secret agent woman-- The thing I love about family quilts is that when you are missing someone, and you wrap up in their quilt, it's like being wrapped in their arms.

  25. I'd say you covered that word well. You must have hit almost every meaning of it.

  26. Churlita-- Thanks. I like playing this game very much. Anything that feeds my brain makes me happy.

  27. Nice Blog I have Subscribed !

    Thanks !

  28. Scrap Musical Scraps-- Wow. Thanks! Welcome to Oodles of Funch! I hope you continue to like it here.

    It's a constant evolution of crap that pops out of my head. Thanks for subscribing!