Wednesday, July 22, 2009


First a bit of irony... Suldog wanted to see pictures... hee hee.
So said his comment on my CAUGHT WITH MY KNICKERS DOWN!post. He's a funny guy if you don't know him.
You should visit him, really.
He's a hoot and a half!

These are not exactly what he likely had in mind.
But hey Suldog... be careful what you wish for !
The "powers that be" love to play pranks.

Whahoo! My Pogues tickets arrived. Ananda is smiling now.
Of course I have to wait until Oct. 11th. (Boo.)
But its good to have things to look forward to right?

These are all photos of my day yesterday and my personal weird world.

We met these folk before we ever made it out of town.

Nice people.

See the purse? It contained something a bit odd...

This little fellow complete with his motorcycle goggles.

I have never had an animal that would have put up with this.

I couldn't even get my babies to let me put hats on their little heads.

You may be getting tired of photos of cherry pickers or snorkle lifts. But I swear they are amassing everywhere and here is the evidence that they continue to plot against us. Quick... call Fox Mulder!

Paul Bunyan is alive and well in P'land Oregon.

A funny note is that he's on the corner of Denver Ave.

The irony here is that some Oregonians like to cut down their trees and replace them with pansy trees like the one in the back ground.

This school took it a step further and replaced their majestic firs with metal trees topped by metal salmon and what-the-heck-are-those-anyways. I'd say their maintenance budget took a hit too.

This one is for crazy4coens... who will laugh her ass right off.

Wouldn't it be funny if "Hey turd... outta my tour" Michael... ah... er... Barry owned it?

It took us some time to figure this out. Large metal spheres with comet tails.

Oh yeah... this is the home of The Blazers.

Not that I claim them, I don't. No sireeeee....

Swell and I went to a pub for lunch. The art work here was fun.

The photo is not very good.

Kinda cool how the license plates reflect in the flash.

I liked the Homer Simpson vanity plate.

Here are a bunch more that sat above our little private booth.

My favorite: the Kansas plate that says "CUINOZ".

"O2 FISH" is pretty good too.

Beverage of the day... a nice glass of Guinness Stout.


I had the grilled Portobello mushroom salad with blue cheese chunks, egg, bacon and spinach. The dressing was a roasted garlic and balsamic vinaigrette. It was divine.

Right outside the pub is this interesting oddity captured in concrete. It's a dance lesson!
Fred Astaire's "The Triple Swing".

Do you suppose those bronze footprints are his and Ginger's?

Swell refused to try it with me. Can you believe that?

Clearly there was not enough Stout imbibed.

Or maybe that was the problem.

No, not really. He had two. I had one.

I have trouble parting with money in pubs. I can buy it cheaper at the market and kick my shoes off at home.

But at the same time, it's good to get out once in awhile. I intend to be doing much more of that. Not to pubs, per say... but getting out and about in the weird world.

This is an arborvitae "cactus" which to me seems really wrong.

But I suppose that it weathers Washington's winters much better than other cacti.

Oh yeah... we drove across the river to get out of state.

Several hours later...
back home where we have amazing skies daily. This sight ended my daylight hours.


This morning I had to work on my computer and defrag, which took forever... so this post was even later. The photos are something you can blame on Suldog! His comment gave me the idea to do this quick post to get it out before the day was gone.
BTW... thanks Suldog. You made me laugh out loud! Right at the time I needed it too... my computer issues were going to blow up my mind like a cheesy anarchist in a dime novel. A good belly laugh was just the ticket to mellow me back out.

One last thought... there simply is not enough caffeine in the world. Not in my world anyway. Have a wonderful day and the best night of your life!

While you're waiting for that... in the vein of weird...Have you ever wondered what Sponge Bob Square Pant's theme would sound like if it was heavy metal? Wonder no more!


  1. Good things come to those who wait. Trust me, the way this year is going, October 11 will be here before you know it.

    Great pictures. I have a license plate hanging in my basement. It's not my oldest plate, but it is my special Lake Erie plate.

    Great skies out in the Pacific Northwest. Truly amazing. Great photos all the way around.

    Spongebob Metal Pants rules!

  2. aliencg-- You are always such a welcome reader! I am sure you are right. My summer is tipping over into school time around the corner and once that happens... Oct will fall on top of me!

    Now I am curious about your special Lake Erie plate and what it looks like.

    Thanks about my photos.

    Spongebob Metal Pants does rule! Whoot!

  3. indeed! boom boom barry would not make much money if all his balloons went boom boom! and it would be so loud! imagine that!

    i want to go to a pub! and dance with fred and ginger.

    this is a day that will go down in history!

    yeah for your kids! what a good batch they are.

  4. crazy4coens-- Hahahaha... I knew you would like the sign.

    Well come on up... you know I'll dance with you and Fred and Ginger on the sidewalk! I have no shame in my body anymore. Today I sang the three little fishies song to the checker at the market. I'm busting lose I tell ya!

    Okay, back to serious. yeah, they are bar none, the best kids on the face of this old worn mud ball. Thanks for noticing. Swell is such a sweetie pie.

  5. Ah, where to begin? My head is spinning with the good times in this post.
    I think I just need to come have a stout with you. I'm pretty sure that would make my life better to the nth :-)

  6. laura b.-- That would thrill me no end! My poor son has to be my companion. Bless him for the good son he is or I'd be serving tea and cookies to the cats in the yard for company.

    The Stout did hit the spot. I shall tip my glass to you next time I have one. It is one of the few "beer" beverages that I will drink. And on that issue, I follow crazy4coens moderation rule.

    Would you believe that I actually went 10 years without drinking anything at all? Yep. It just didn't come up. It was not a conscience effort.

  7. I actually really like those tree stumps with the metal sculptures....

  8. NoRegrets-- That's okay. I kind of liked them too. And actually one of the heads is a guy and the other one is "She Who Watches" which is a famous bit of Native American rock painting that is located about a 100 miles away near Mosier, Oregon. It's very cool to see, but you must navigate your way through timber rattlers, scorpions and big hairy-assed spiders! I made the trip once... and bitched the entire time, let me tell you... about those spiders. Snakes... I can deal with, spiders no way. Scorpions seem to respect that I am bigger and scurry away.

  9. When you decide to post, you don't mess around. I don't think any dog I've owned would put up with goggles either.

  10. secret agent woman-- I do not normally ask strangers if I can take their picture, but that dog was something that required proof.

  11. spongebob metal p[ants...hilarious

  12. lime-- I got such a kick out of that. It just had to go in.