Thursday, July 16, 2009



2WB Maui Beach Bike Cruiser 26 (female)




Micargi Tahiti NX3 Beach Bike Cruiser 26 (female)




These beauties come to me via Sebastien at CHRONICALLY SICK, BUT STILL THINKING I THINK - If you have not visited Sebastien yet... do yourself a favor and visit. He gave me this link... Lots of fun bikes there!

I should give you a bit of information. I live in a town that is tiny and want to use this as my around town vehicle.

We have long, lazy hills that take several blocks to peak before going do
wn for several blocks.

Then we have some very, very steep hills that are short. No matter what, those hills will be walked up and coasted (at break neck speed) down... hoping that no cars cross the intersections at the bottom at the same time. ;)

Not to worry... I think I remember how to whip that rear wheel around as I brake hard and side step off if need be.

What about accessories?

A tisket a tasket... a basket?

Tires that leave flame prints in the dust?

Or these accessories from Chubbies... you gotta love that name!

Bicycle Bells & Horns : Chubby's Cruisers, Tour one stop cruiser shop!

Which bell is more ananda girlie?

I started to look at helmets online. Hummmm... that's something I am going to have to put on my head and look at in a mirror to make any sort of choice, even to narrow down choices. Yes, vanity rules in this instance.

Bikes are fun to look at. Here is another link from dmarks at
Throwawayblog :

Now how about a bike movie?
80s movie starring Kevin Bacon, enjoy!

We can't leave Monty Python out of the fun!

Some Pink Floyd that you may never have heard...

What could be better than a day with Kevin Bacon, Monty Python and Pink Floyd?

I hope you enjoyed the bike tours. Let me know what you think. Advice and opinion are always welcome here.


  1. I dunno....what about one of these?

  2. Go for the white one since it has 3 speeds for those steep embankments. Being a guy, I would never go for a basket, but considering this is going to be your primary vehicle, I would say go for it. The tires are cool looking and intimidating, a definite must-have. Get the pink skull bell. Hey, I'm a guy, saying Hello Kitty or the flowery one would not be right. As far as helmets, have you considered a German WW1, Red Baron style?

    I think Pink Floyd has a song for every occasion. This one is perfect for the topic, naturally.

  3. aliencg-- I agree, Pink Floyd does have a song for every topic.

    Red Baron style? Now that would be a hoot. Maybe in hot pink to match the pink-walls. hee hee

    The hills are intimidating, so gears might be a very good idea.

    The skull is a cutie. You have great taste.

  4. Braja-- Hahahahahaha! Oh my goodness... a family bike! India has some of the best stuff.

  5. Miss Ananda - I know what I would want - the pink bike and the kello kitty bell. Of course, then, I would have to move to a beach area to ride my beach cruiser. Since you have hills, get the 3 speed and the pink skull bell is absolutley you! Great post, as usual (isn't it wonderful that no one ever says, "Sucky post - have you lost your mind?").

  6. crazy4coens-- Yes it is wonderful that no one ever says "Sucky post..." But that's not always true. Trolls say terrible things. I've been lucky enough to have avoided trolls so far.

    Ah... the Pepto Bismol. Such an intense color! I am really leaning toward that skull bell. I have tennis shoes that would match it. I bet I could find a helmet that matched too. But the idea of that Red Barron helmet is talking to my head.

  7. ananda - no matter what you choose - have fun doing it - although killer pilots talking to your head might not be the best use of your grand mind!

  8. Haha, so glad I could be of help!!! I'm liking the second bike you put up :)

    Ohhh, those flames in the tires are hilarious and great. You totally need those!

  9. Sebastien-- Oy! I loved them on sight!

    I agree... the tires are a must have. Too cool to leave such prints behind everywhere you go. I can have lots of fun with a bike like these.

    Thanks Sebastien!

  10. crazy4coens-- I rather like that killer pilot in my head. hahahaha Hey, with a grand mind like mine, I'm never truly alone. ;)

    P.S. thanks for calling it "grand". I love that term used that way.

  11. Oooh, I love getting a vote! I like the second bike, with the pink skull bell. The tires are negotiable, but you are probably going to want that basket. Just in case a Red Baron helmet is too expensive or is, um, impractical in some other way just make sure to choose a helmet that is say, yellow or turquoise. If you get pink or white you will be all dorky and don't want that, do you? hee hee!
    And thank you for not leaving Monty Python out of the fun :-)

  12. laura b-- I like the way you think! Turquoise would be the perfect touch! I certainly do not want to be a dork. hahahaha

    You are welcome for Monty. Some days it's all I can do to keep from putting on the Ministry of Silly Walks!

    Thank you for your vote. Here it really does count.

  13. man, you need a better bike than that. disc brakes, carbon frame, rapid fire shifters and some bomber shocks. go for the gusto!

    how about tom waits, broken bicycles.

  14. billy pilgrim-- See... this is why I need help. I have no clue what is what. Perhaps I need to look into it more.

    I love Broken Bicycles. Why didn't I think of it? Such a sad, sweet song. Are you a Ricky Lee Jones fan too? My favorite of her is Danny's All Star Joint.

  15. I read this last night and tried to comment, and boy was it a good comment, but blogger didn't like me and I forget what I was going to say. How's that for a useless comment?

  16. Pamela-- No comment that makes me laugh is useless! Blogger does that kind of crap to me all the time and it's always when I say something really good. By the time I can get it to behave and accept what I have to say... my comment has morphed into pooh.

    I feel your pain.

  17. BTW did you know you can get to the log-in page by typing "blugger sing in" into Google?

    Yah... it's a current thing with me. Seeing what I can do with Google via incorrect spelling.

    It wisely will not accept "bugger" sign in. Too bad, it's one of my favorite adjectives.

  18. ananda - all the information that i learn here is amazing!

  19. crazy4coens-- Thanks! I love stuff. The world is full of stuff. I can be a stuff glutton! (And I not get fat.)