Monday, July 6, 2009


Wow what a great weekend. Lots of stuff happened that I liked. Got fun emails from two opposite ends of my world. Very cool beans. You may have noticed that I love to communicate.Okay... so I talk a lot. It makes me happy.

Fireworks, my boy-os all together, two movies I enjoyed... and finally, finally... I got to see The Big Lebowski all the way through without anyone interrupting me! That's one movie where you don't want holes in your knowledge! In the past mine has been swiss cheese.

But the best news is that two concerts are coming that I do not want to miss. The Pogues... (see way below) with all the original members. That happens on October 11th in P'land. I am so excited about this one.

The curious and wonderful gas bitch at our Shell came running out of the mini mart to show me the ad in the paper and we decided we would go together. (I too was once... when I was alone raising 4 kids via 3 jobs... a gas bitch... we have a bond through toxic brain cell killing fumes.)

The second concert actually happens first on Sept. 15th... also in P'land. That's yes, you guessed it by the video... Flogging Molly, who you have experience here before if you were interested enough to do the video. I love both bands... but Flogging Molly happens here fairly often. The Pogues do not. This is a huge treat for me.

Flogging Molly

I must say, my life has been sitting in a cultural vacuum. My town has some wonderful points. I find it very easy to hide here and be the hermit that I have become. But that's self-defense.

I grew up going to plays and to museums in San Francisco or in L.A. There were lots of concerts in my world. Zoos. The art world and beaches of Carmel and Monterey. Summers in L.A. or Santa Cruz. There were things to see and experience and learn. I miss that so much!

I suppose one could argue that The Pogues and Flogging Molly are not exactly the pillars of culture. Phooey! For once I have something to do! It's not a pot luck. It's not a church function. It's not the class given by the local extension office. It's not work related and I do not have to be responsible for everyone's kids. Yay! Food for my brain and my soul.

Today I am grateful... big time. So here's to starting up a friendship with the curious gas bitch!Here's to hearing from friends! Here's to having something to look forward to doing! Here's to having some sort of life! (It's about fucking time.)

Oh... and here's to Dude... and "knowing he's out there takin' her easy for all us sinners".

Big grins, folks. Thanks for coming by... and HI ALL YOU LURKERS!

Sorry there's no video. This had the best sound. The words matter to me. ;)


  1. What's it like to have some sort of life? I don't have one of those at the moment and it's been a while since I did.

    Sounds like you have some coming up, definitely. I need food for my brain and soul, too.

  2. aliencg-- I'm not sure yet, but feeling like it is going to happen is great! I'll keep you posted on that.

  3. well, i just got back from a few days of feeding my own soul. i highly recommend it. enjoy the concert wen the time comes!

  4. lime-- So glad to hear that you have fed your soul... if anyone needed it... that would be you!

    Isn't it great to let those things slide away? I'm happy for you lime. :)

  5. I am so jealous! I love Floggy Molly and they will be somewhere near me around the time they will be near you - but I have not screwed up the courage to get a ticket - who would I go with? Etc. Hermits unite!

  6. crazy4coens-- YOu can come up and go with the gas bitch and me! I'll keep ya! I'll feed ya! Hell... I'll even treat ya! I have no clue what gas bitch is like or what we will talk about... you could be my protector again.

    Oh crap. We'll be back in school then. :< I think I know how this offer ends.

  7. crazy4coens-- Have you got a shell station?

    Hermits do it alone. Oh wait... sounds bad and wrong! ;)

  8. I spent a few days feeding my soul (and my stomach with brisket and ribs) and I would dearly love it to continue, but alas, I am at work today.

    I have a question about Flogging Molly... is Molly the flogger or the floggee? ;-)

  9. That's so great! I've never seen either of those two bands. I can't wait to read about the shows on here.

  10. cube-- Holiday food... you gotta love it! Darn that work thing. If we didn't need money...

    We need to ask crazy3coens about that... she's the original FM head in my life. How about it crazy?

  11. Churlita-- I am eager to see and share... you bet there will be photos and maybe even a video if I can manage it without pissing someone off.

    I heard that some metal band had some poor guy beat to a pulp because he tried to make a video of them on stage with his crappy camera if that is raging marketing material!

  12. Pogues! One of my favorite bands of all time!!! You have great taste ;)

    And The Big Lebowski, another all time favorite of mine. 'Calmer than you are'... too many great lines, love all the secondary characters, John Goodman and Buscemi are amazing in that flick.

  13. Had to check if the Pogues were coming to Phx. Unfortunately they are doing LA and San Diego but decided we weren't worthy :(

  14. Sebastien-- I am so sorry for your Pogues loss! Last year they skipped us and I was crushed.

    You fit right in here, Sebasien! You will find several here who agree with our tastes.

    The Dude is so much fun. Crazy4coens goes to Lebowski festivals. I've never had that pleasure but what a hoot that would be! You're right... it's full of great stuffs.

  15. BTW I forgot to mention that I love the giant Dark Lord cat thing in that Pogues video.

  16. cube-- That was pretty much for you. :) I could have used one that had a photo of them. But, hey... bad kitty was cool!

  17. Yes, I love the kitties, bad and good.

  18. Go get 'em! I am right where you are...finally really able to do a thing or two for myself on occasion. Those will be such fun concerts...and thanks for the music. I always appreciate it. You have great taste :-)

  19. laura b.-- Yay for us!

    You are welcome for the music. I'm glad that it is enjoyed. I love to share things.

    Thank you... you are so positive and upbeat. I admire that.

  20. miz ananda - you have great musical taste and always know what goes well with what - like a wine con-a - sewer - you should do movies, you really should!

  21. crazy4coens-- Ha. I'd really like that but its hard to do from Dumb Potter's Hell Oregon where we don't even have a traffic signal. We do have one elevator though! But you knew that... it was in your motel.

    "I'll get down to the sea somehow"! Can't wait.
    (Speaking of seeing you at a motel.);)